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Today, after 27 years, we are changing our name “Outside Broadcast NV” into the name of our international group, and our company will go on as “NEP Belgium NV”.

In April 2015 we became part of the NEP Worldwide Network. With the name change, we want to emphasise our close collaboration with our European colleagues in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK, who will all be named NEP as well. These changes will allow us to operate much more seamlessly across regions and provide an even higher level of service to our clients.

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Our studios will be named “NEP Studios”, and both “Mediasense” and “Ears” disappear as brand names. The entire business activity will be within one company and brand, NEP Belgium NV.

For you, our current client or partner, there won’t be many changes. You’ll see the new branding on OB Trucks, clothes and stationary, but it are the same people, operating the same facilities and delivering superior services as we always did. Because of our strong international position and wider range in equipment, services and new technology, we are able to serve you even better in your projects. Our email domain will change from “” to “”, but the old addresses will still be working.

We are very excited about this new big step for our company. If you may have any questions about this change, we’ll be more than happy to elaborate.