Unit 15 Large 20 camera production unit

From now on ready for production!


Cameras Up to 20x GVG LDK-8000 Elite / Sony HDC-2550 camera's
Switcher Sony MVS-7000 HD/ 4 ME switcher or 50p/2ME switcher
24 outputs on router ; 40 inputs on router
16 resisers ; 2 Full 3D DVE channel
Multistandard 3G/HD/SD
Matrix Miranda 8280 Hybrid router 288 x 450 with embedders/ de-embedders and Madi I/O
Control System VSM
Patch ADC
Monitorwall 18 Sony PVM2540 OLED monitors with Axon quadsplits
Monitorwall second production room   9 Sony PVM2540 OLED monitors with Axon quadsplits
Rec / Play Up to 8 VTR
Up to 6 EVS XT
4 DVD/Blu-ray recorder
Glue Axon ; Barco Folsom Image Pro HD/3G ;  Leitch ; Snell & Wilcox 6200 ...
As requested
Mixer LAWO MC²66 MarkII with 56 Faders; 192 DSP Channels, 48 local Mic/Lines Inputs, 32 Local Line Outputs, 2 fiber stagebox with 48 mic/line inputs
Router Lawo Nova HD Core 8K with 8 Ravenna & 16 MADI
Patch Ghielmetti CSF48
Monitoring Adam S3X-H,  5.1 surround monitoring
Rec / Play CD, Spot-on jingle player, 64ch/128chMulti-track on request Nuendo
Inserts TC Electronic DBMax, Waves MaxxBCL, API-2500, 2x EL-8 distressor
Embedders 4 Axon GXT100 with embedding, downconversion and pal coding, 3 deembedders
Intercom Riedel Artist 128
26x Internal Digital Intercom Panel
6x External Digital Intercom Panel
8x 2-Wire Interface
16x 4-Wire Interface
1x PSTN Telephone Hybrid
Wireless 6x Motorola GP340 Radio
2x Riedel Riface Motorola Base Stations, Overline Systems or Telex BTR-700/800 on
Dimensions   Truck 14 x 4,7 x 4 meters ; work area 17 x 7 meters
Power  50 kVA on 3-Phase, 400V, 125A CEE (P17) connector


Monitorwall layout – production 1

Monitorwall layout – production 2



Unit15_int01 Unit15_int_slomo01 Unit15_int_shading05 Unit15_int_shading03 Unit15_int_shading02 Unit15_int_production201 Unit15_int_production10 Unit15_int_production08 Unit15_int_production07 Unit15_int_production06 Unit15_int_production04 Unit15_int_production03 Unit15_int_production01 Unit15_int_engineering01 Unit15_int_audio03 Unit15_int_01 Unit15_ext26 Unit15_ext24 Unit15_ext22 Unit15_ext17 Unit15_ext16 Unit15_ext15 Unit15_ext14 Unit15_ext12 Unit15_ext11 Unit15_ext10 Unit15_ext09 Unit15_ext08 Unit15_ext07 Unit15_ext06 Unit15_ext05 Unit15_ext03 Unit15_ext02