Unit 3 Small 6 camera production unit

Small is beautiful. High-End technologie in een compacte lay-out, maken deze wagen veel gevraagd voor kleine producties met hoge eisen. Talk-shows, kleine concerten of sportmanifestaties tot 6 camera’s, kunnen budget-vriendelijk gerealiseerd worden met deze Unit.


Cameras Up to 6 x GVG LDK-8000 Elite / Sony HDC-2550 camera's
Switcher GVG Kayak HD 100, 1 ME switcher
24 inputs, 6 ch Ramrecorder, 4 ch DVE, Dual chroma keyer
12 outputs
Multistandard HD/SD
Router Leitch Panacea 16 x 8 HD/SD, clean switch
Patch ADC
Rec / Play Up to 6 VTR
Up to 3 EVS XT
3 x DVD recorder
Glue Snell & Wilcox 6200, Barco Folsom Image Pro HD, Leitch, Axon, ...
As requested
Mixer Yamaha DM1000, 16 mic/line inputs, 4 line inputs, 12 line outputs, 32 AES in/outputs
Patch Ghielmetti CSF48
Monitoring Genelec 8020A stereo monitors
Rec / Play Software jingle player
Inserts TC Electronic DB max
Intercom Clearcom Micromatrix MMX24 24x24 matrix
6 x Internal digital panels
2 x External digital panels
2x 2-Wire interface
6 x 4-Wire interfaces
ISDN/PSTN 2 x ISDN codec
PSTN Phone hybrid
Wireless 6x Motorola GP340 radio
Overline Systems or Telex BTR-700/800 on request
Dimensions Truck 7,3 x 1,7 x 3,3 meters; work area 4,7 x 1,7 meters
Power 10 kVA on 3-Phase, 400V, 32A CEE (P17) connector


Specifications:  Unit03_specsheet


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