Unit 12 Compact 12 camera flight

Onze flight-regie biedt de mogelijkheid om zo goed als overal TV opnames te maken. Zonder compromissen in kwaliteit, gaan we tot 6 camera’s en voldoende opname toestellen. Functioneel gebouwd in flight cases, is deze regie al meermaals de wereld rondgereisd. Ergonomisch ontworpen desken en racks zijn standaard.


Cameras Up to 6x GVG LDK-8000 Elite / Sony HDC-2550 camera's
Switcher GVG Kayak 250, 2.5 ME switcher, HD/SD switchable
24 inputs, 6 ch Ramrecorder, 4 DVE with spectra and kurl, Dual Chroma Keyer
12 outputs
Matrix Leitch Panacea 16x8 HD/SD router with clean switch
Patch ADC, 196 patch points
Monitorwall 16 HD/SD sources on Zandar Predator multiviewer on LMD245014" Sony CRT grade A monitor
Rec / Play VTR or HDR on request
DVD recorder
Glue Snell & Wilcox 6200, Barco Folsom Image Pro HD, Leitch, Axon, ...
As requested
Mixer Yamaha O1V96 20 Mic/line input, 12 line outputs
Patch Ghielmetti CSF48
Monitoring Genelec 8020A stereo monitoring
Rec / Play CD player (Spot-on jingle player on request)
Inserts TC Electronic DBMax, others on request
Intercom Clearcom MicroMatrix MMX 24x24 matrix
4 digital intercom panel in Flight Set
2 x external digital intercom panel
2 x 2-wire interface
4 x 4-wire interface
ISDN/PSTN ISDN and/or PSTN codecs on request
Wireless 6 x Motorola GP340 radios
Overline Systems or Telex BTR-700/800 on request
Dimensions Packed: 3x case H: 142 W: 56 D: 89 - 1x desk case H: 99 W: 166 D: 84; Work area: 6x4m


Specificaties:  Unit12_specsheet


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