Unit 14 Large 26 camera production unit

Unit 14 is a powerful and extremely flexible production unit. The ability to choose between a double or single central control room, combined with ‘total recall’ functionalities turn this unit into a unique and invaluable instrument for demanding productions. Ample and comfortable seating, 5.1 sound system, no less than 96 HD source monitors and extended automation are key in delivering a top class production. Increased integration of sound and image, in addition to our “quick set up” approach, contribute to the reliability of Unit 14.


Cameras Up to 26x GVG LDK-8000 Elite / Sony HDC-2550 camera's
Switcher GVG Kayak HD 450, 4.5 ME switcher
96 inputs, 6 ch Ramrecorder, 2 x 4 ch DVE full option, Dual Chroma Keyer
48 outputs
Multistandard HD/SD
Matrix Nvision 288 x 384 3Gb router
Control System VSM
Patch ADC, 1248 Patch Points
Monitorwall Vutrix 16 x HDquad on 23"=64 source monitors for production 1
11 x Avitech quad and eight splits on slomo / producer desks
Vutrix 6 x HD quad on 23"=24 source monitors for production 2
Rec / Play Up to 18 VTR
Up to 9 EVS XT
4 x DVD recorder
Glue Snell & Wilcox 6200, Barco Folsom Image Pro HD, Leitch, Axon, ...
As requested
Mixer LAWO MC²66 with 48 Faders; 192 DSP Channels
56 local Mic/Lines Inputs ,40 local line outputs
Fiber stagebox with 48 mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, on request
Matrix Lawo Nova HD Core 3K, 128x AES & 6x MADI
Patch Ghielmetti CSF48
Monitoring Adam S3a, 5.1 monitoring speakers
Rec / Play CD, Spot-on jingle player, 64ch/128ch Multi-track on request
Inserts TC Electronic DBMax, Waves MaxxBCL
TC Electronic System 6000 MKII, D-Two delay
Embedders 6 Axon HXT10 with embedding, downconversion and pal coding, 3 deembedders
Intercom Riedel Artist 128
26 x internal digital intercom panels
4 x external digital intercom panels
4 x 2-Wire interface
30 x 4-Wire interface
ISDN/PSTN 2 x ISDN codec
1 x PSTN phone hybrid
Wireless 6 x Motorola GP340 radio
2 x Riedel Riface Motorola Base Stations
Overline Systems or Telex BTR-700/800 on request
Dimensions Truck 14 x 4.7 x 4 meters; work area 17 x 7 meters
Power 50 kVA on 3-Phase, 400V, 125A CEE (P17) connector


Specifications:  Unit14_specsheet


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