Unit 12 Compact 12 camera flight

Our flight production unit, with up to 12 camera’s and sufficient recording equipment, allows us to shoot virtually anywhere without compromising quality. This unit, fitted in functional flight cases including ergonomically designed racks and desks, has travelled the world successfully.


Cameras Up to 6x GVG LDK-8000 Elite / Sony HDC-2550 camera's
Switcher GVG Kayak 250, 2.5 ME switcher, HD/SD switchable
24 inputs, 6 ch Ramrecorder, 4 DVE with spectra and kurl, Dual Chroma Keyer
12 outputs
Matrix Leitch Panacea 16x8 HD/SD router with clean switch
Patch ADC, 196 patch points
Monitorwall 16 HD/SD sources on Zandar Predator multiviewer on LMD245014" Sony CRT grade A monitor
Rec / Play VTR or HDR on request
DVD recorder
Glue Snell & Wilcox 6200, Barco Folsom Image Pro HD, Leitch, Axon, ...
As requested
Mixer Yamaha O1V96 20 Mic/line input, 12 line outputs
Patch Ghielmetti CSF48
Monitoring Genelec 8020A stereo monitoring
Rec / Play CD player (Spot-on jingle player on request)
Inserts TC Electronic DBMax, others on request
Intercom Clearcom MicroMatrix MMX 24x24 matrix
4 digital intercom panel in Flight Set
2 x external digital intercom panel
2 x 2-wire interface
4 x 4-wire interface
ISDN/PSTN ISDN and/or PSTN codecs on request
Wireless 6 x Motorola GP340 radios
Overline Systems or Telex BTR-700/800 on request
Dimensions Packed: 3x case H: 142 W: 56 D: 89 - 1x desk case H: 99 W: 166 D: 84; Work area: 6x4m


Specifications:  Unit12_specsheet


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